Erasing Teeth Stains with Zoom! Whitening

Your teeth can be as healthy as can be, and yet still become stained and dull in color over time. This isn’t always a sign of poor oral health; in many cases, it’s the result of colorful molecules from your food and beverages clinging to the outer surfaces of your tooth enamel. If you smoke or chew tobacco, then associated chemicals may also quickly stain your teeth (along with posing numerous, more serious health risks). With Zoom! teeth-whitening, we can effectively erase the stains that mar your teeth’s surfaces, while brightening their structures, giving your smile back its youthful, blemish-free appearance.

How Zoom! Teeth-Whitening Works

Traditionally, teeth-whitening is performed in one of two methods: either at the dentist’s office or from the comfort of home with a custom-designed kit. Each method is designed to meet patients’ unique preferences. However, Zoom! teeth-whitening combines both whitening methods to achieve optimal results, even for especially stubborn teeth stains. During the in-office portion of treatment, we’ll carefully apply the potent Zoom! bleaching agent to the surfaces of your teeth, then stimulate the gel using a special light.

After your in-office treatment is complete, you’ll take home a set of custom-designed trays that are made specifically for your teeth and a supply of Zoom! whitening gel. At-home treatment involves about 10 days of applying the gel to your teeth for a couple of hours each day, after which your teeth will be several shades brighter.

Will It Work for Your Teeth Stains?

The greatest advantage of Zoom! teeth-whitening is that the two-step procedure can often be more effective at erasing stubborn stains than traditional teeth-whitening treatment. However, there are certain types of tooth discoloration (such as internal discoloration) that can’t be addressed with topical teeth-whitening treatment. Before recommending Zoom! teeth-whitening, we’ll perform a comprehensive examination to determine that it’s the right solution for your teeth stains, or if you may need more involved restorative treatment to address a deeper underlying problem.

Make an appointment to brighten your smile

If your teeth stains have become embarrassingly obvious, then it may be time to consider Zoom! teeth-whitening to brighten your smile. To find out if teeth-whitening is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling Dimples Family Dentistry in Norwalk, IA, today at (515) 256-1176.