Restorative Dentistry 

Restorations designed just for you

Custom-Made Dental Restorations

As the most-used parts of your body, your teeth require the strength and resilience that restorative dentistry specializes in to maintain their health and integrity throughout life. The enamel covering your teeth is the most resilient substance the human body produces. However, they remain strong only when healthy and free of disease. Even the strongest teeth aren’t indestructible against excessive force. Custom dental restorations in restorative dentistry are designed to help your teeth regain their strength and integrity after being worn down, damaged, or infected with decay. With the right restoration, we can rejuvenate your tooth to its original state, enhancing your chances of preserving it for life.

Dentist in Norwalk, IA specializing in restorative dentistry holding dentures

The Goals of Restoring a Tooth

Despite being the strongest and most-used parts of your body, your teeth have one glaring weakness – they can’t repair or rebuild themselves when their structures are compromised. That means if a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, the damage will not heal, but only grow worse over time. The goal of a custom restoration is to prevent the damage from growing worse while restoring your tooth’s ability to withstand the full pressure of your bite. With our advanced, highly lifelike materials, such as composite resin and dental porcelain, we can craft a custom restoration that also helps you preserve or improve your smile’s overall appearance.

Your Choice of Custom Restorative Dentistry

Every tooth restoration is different because every treatment is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. However, restorations typically fall into one of a few categories. For example, tooth fillings consist of resin or porcelain that is used to fill a cavity caused by tooth decay. Porcelain might also be used to create a full or partial dental crown that can be placed completely over a tooth, or over just a portion of it. A full or partial dental crown helps reinforce your tooth structure while also blending in with the healthy, natural tooth structure surrounding it, giving your restoration a healthy and natural appearance.