Solea Laser

With a strong focus on precision and improved comfort, we perform many of our treatments using the advanced Solea laser–an advanced, carbion dioxide laser that works effectively on both hard and soft oral tissues. Laser technology allows us to complete treatments such as filling cavities, performing root canal treatment, reshaping gum lines with gum contouring, and more. Because the laser offers the least invasive treatment, each procedure can be performed in singificnatly less time and with substantially less discomfort. There is also little to no bleeding, and a lower risk of infection, particularly for soft-tissue procedures.

With the help of the advanced Solea laser, you can enjoy faster, more comfortable, and more successful cosmetic and restorative dental treatment. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Dimples Family Dentistry in Norwalk, IA, today at 515-256-1176.