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Set Yourself Up for Success with Floss

Your dental visits are significantly less stressful if you feel good about the state of your teeth. If you know you’ve fallen behind on your home care routine, you may try to make up for it with one thorough brushing before you head into the office. You hope that nothing’s wrong, and you anxiously wait to hear your sentencing. Your experience doesn’t have to be like that! With a proper home care routine in place (that you actually stick to), you can feel good about your biannual checkups and cleanings. One way to set yourself up for success at the dentist’s office is by flossing. The key is consistency. When you incorporate good practices into your daily rhythm, caring for your teeth becomes easy. (more…)

Dental Implants Get to the Root

When someone refers to “getting to the root” of something, they’re talking about the source. Roots provide stability and structure, which makes them vital. In the case of your teeth, their roots are the things that hold them in your mouth. When you lose a tooth, you can lose the root as well. Dental implants are a restorative solution that provides the same structure as roots.

Suffering tooth loss as an adult is no easy trial. Tooth loss can be mentally taxing and physically painful. It can also lead to a lifestyle change. Missing teeth may cause you to feel self-conscious and prevent you from being able to comfortably chew some foods. Dental implants return the function and appearance of teeth, with the added benefit of structure. (more…)

Who Benefits from Teeth Whitening?

You may have heard about teeth whitening before, or seen commercials for over-the-counter products. There are a number of options for you as a consumer if you desire brighter teeth. However, the best options come from the professionals. Your dentist can provide you with a high-quality whitening experience that yields better results than over-the-counter strips. Teeth whitening helps remove the stains that naturally occur on the enamel of teeth. If you’ve ever wished that your teeth didn’t have a yellow hue, or if you feel self-conscious about smiling in public, maybe it’s time to try whitening. Are you curious about teeth whitening? If so, now’s the time to talk to your dentist. You may be surprised by how much you could benefit from teeth whitening. (more…)

Better Brushing Leads to Happier Teeth

Even if you feel confident about your home dental hygiene routine, it’s a good idea to check in every so often to make sure you’re still doing all you can to keep your teeth looking their best. You want to preserve your teeth, and taking a proactive approach to dentist visits as well as home care is the best way to make that happen. How are you brushing? What kind of toothbrush do you use? How’s your technique? How old is your brush head? These are all questions you should tackle to make sure you’re providing the best quality treatment for your teeth. Better brushing leads to happier teeth, so take a moment to take stock. (more…)

The Benefits of A Same-Day Dental Crown

When it comes to dental procedures, it’s easy to have some reservations. However, when your dentist recommends a treatment like a dental restoration, it’s with your best interest in mind. Dental restorations return your smile and bite to their former selves, giving you a boost in confidence and a return to normalcy. The idea of taking on a protracted treatment schedule may give you pause, but fear not! Modern dental technology provides your dentist with all kinds of great fixes that are quick too. Case in point: the same-day dental crown. This amazing dental restoration provides you with a life-like crown to protect your damaged tooth in just one visit! (more…)