The Benefits of A Same-Day Dental Crown

When it comes to dental procedures, it’s easy to have some reservations. However, when your dentist recommends a treatment like a dental restoration, it’s with your best interest in mind. Dental restorations return your smile and bite to their former selves, giving you a boost in confidence and a return to normalcy. The idea of taking on a protracted treatment schedule may give you pause, but fear not! Modern dental technology provides your dentist with all kinds of great fixes that are quick too. Case in point: the same-day dental crown. This amazing dental restoration provides you with a life-like crown to protect your damaged tooth in just one visit!

How Are Same-Day Dental Crowns Made, and Do They Work?

Same-day dental crowns are an incredible solution to what can otherwise be a lengthy problem. So, how do they work? Using Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology, your dentist can create digital images of your tooth and its surrounding area. Those images are then accepted by an on-site machine that uses them to create your ceramic fabrication using the measurements specific to your mouth. That way you end up with a custom-made restoration that works for you.

Why Are Dental Crowns So Important in the First Place?

Dental crowns are useful, restorative tools for your dentist. A dental crown can cover your damaged tooth and act as a sort of shield to further damage. At the same time, it restores the evenness of your bite, allowing you to comfortably chew the foods you enjoy. Furthermore, it is an esthetic restoration as well. Your smile will look complete thanks to this restoration. When a cavity has caused extensive damage to a tooth, or a physical object has damaged the tooth, a crown can help.

Talk to Your Dentist About Same-Day Dental Crowns

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