The Time for Preventive Dental Care Is Now

If you’re wondering when you need to begin preventive dental care treatment for your teeth, you don’t need to guess. The time for preventive dental care is now. That’s the nature of preventive care. The sooner you start taking a proactive approach to cleaning your teeth, the sooner you guard against conditions like cavities and gum disease. It’s never too late to improve your home care routine. Even if you’ve already developed cavities, you can still utilize preventive care to your advantage.

Preventive Dental Care Won’t Work Until You Start

The key to preventive dental care is starting. That seems simple enough. If you’re only brushing once a day, start brushing twice a day. If you still don’t floss, make yourself start. Preventive dental care won’t work for you until you take action!

Even if You’ve Had Previous Issues, Preventive Care Is Still Worthwhile

You may have already had a root canal, or other major dental restoration to care for a damaged tooth. That doesn’t disqualify you from benefitting from preventive dental care. Your adult teeth are your teeth for life. That means any steps you take to care for them are worthwhile investments. Don’t dwell on the things you could have done to protect your teeth. Begin flossing now to prevent future damage.

Get Back on a Regular Appointment Schedule with Your Dentist

Preventive care isn’t all on you. You have a teammate in the fight against plaque. Your dentist can offer excellent preventive care to stave off infection. The best way to receive this care is by making an effort to visit your dentist for biannual checkups and cleanings. Thorough cleanings allow teeth professionals to remove any dangerous buildup. Then, your dentist can offer other treatments like fluoride rinses and x-rays to get ahead of other problems.

Schedule Your Preventive Care Checkup with Dimples Dental

Don’t be reactive when it comes to your oral health. Eliminate plaque and bacteria by caring for your teeth at home. Also, schedule your biannual dental exam right away. Working with a professional will lead to the best results for your overall oral health. To schedule a checkup with the talented team at Dimples Dental, contact the office in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.