Tackling Your Root Canal Treatment

Dental procedures can produce many emotions for people. Some feel anxious about the process and want to put it off at all costs. Others are ready to get their teeth back in proper condition. No matter how you feel about visiting the dentist, the end goal is the same: You want your teeth to look and feel good. So, when your dentist advises a root canal treatment, you can rest assured that it’s for the best. Root canals have gotten a reputation as being particularly arduous or painful procedures. However, thanks to modern dental technology and properly administered anesthetic, you can feel confident and comfortable when you tackle your root canal treatment.

Your Teeth’s Roots Are Vital, So Treat them with Care

A root canal seeks to remove infected tissue from deep within your tooth. Your tooth’s outer structure (the crown), serves as a hard surface for chewing and digesting food. It also protects your tooth’s root. The root of your tooth is where nerves and blood vessels that connect to the rest of your mouth run. Tooth decay damages these systems, and can even lead to bacteria being carried to other parts of the body in severe cases. When you experience tooth decay that reaches your roots, root canal treatment is absolutely necessary.

Your Dentist Can Walk You Through the Procedure and Make Things Comfortable

If you’re someone who experiences anxiety at the dentist, talk to your professional about anesthetic treatment or sedation. Your dentist can prescribe the right level of sedation to help you through this vital treatment. Your dentist can also walk you through exactly how the procedure will work. Sometimes, after a root canal, your tooth may be structurally weakened. Your dentist may then advise having a dental crown placed atop the weakened tooth to help its long-term viability.

Schedule Your Root Canal Treatment with an Office You Can Trust

Dr. Ethan Roos and the entire Dimples Dental team is committed to giving you the best treatment possible in a relaxing environment, no matter what procedure you need. Working with Dr. Roos, you can feel good about your root canal, or whatever treatment you receive. To schedule an appointment for care, contact Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.