Set Yourself Up for Success with Floss

Your dental visits are significantly less stressful if you feel good about the state of your teeth. If you know you’ve fallen behind on your home care routine, you may try to make up for it with one thorough brushing before you head into the office. You hope that nothing’s wrong, and you anxiously wait to hear your sentencing. Your experience doesn’t have to be like that! With a proper home care routine in place (that you actually stick to), you can feel good about your biannual checkups and cleanings. One way to set yourself up for success at the dentist’s office is by flossing. The key is consistency. When you incorporate good practices into your daily rhythm, caring for your teeth becomes easy.

Success with Flossing Is a Matter of Scheduling

It can be difficult to make change stick. Everyone gets aspirational around New Years — making promises like, “This is the year I exercise every day.” However, putting these promises into practice becomes difficult, especially if you don’t have a plan. You’ve got to incorporate flossing into your schedule. If it’s a matter of remembering, try putting something you can’t leave your house without (like car keys) next to your floss. If it’s a matter of giving yourself enough time, try setting an alarm for yourself with the title “FLOSS.” Do whatever it takes to force flossing into your routine.

Once You Remember to Floss, You Need the Right Technique

Of course, if you start flossing with no know how, it won’t do too much good. Flossing isn’t a matter of jamming the stuff between your teeth — in fact, flossing should be gentle on the gums. You’re trying to pull bacteria away from your gum line and between your teeth. Be sure to wrap your floss around the edges of your teeth as you proceed for maximum effectiveness.

For More Helpful Dental Advice, Trust Dimples Dental

Your dentist is your partner in the fight to keep your teeth healthy. Trust Dimples Dental for helpful advice and a friendly approach to biannual checkups. Dimples is proud to provide care for the whole family. When it’s time to schedule your next appointment, or if you simply have questions about home care, trust Dimples.