Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of erasing the stains that commonly develop on the surfaces of teeth. Such stains can result from the food and beverages you consume, as well as from habits like smoking and chewing tobacco. If your smile isn’t as bright as it once was, then we can suggest teeth whitening to revitalize its youthful, beautiful appearance quickly and conveniently.

Using the advanced Zoom! system of teeth whitening, we can offer comprehensive results even for stubborn teeth stains. Zoom! combines a single, in-office visit, usually lasting just over an hour, with a custom-made whitening kit that you can take home. During your visit, we’ll carefully apply the advanced whitening gel to your teeth, then stimulate the gel with a special light. After your visit, you can use the custom trays in your take-home kit to apply the gel to your teeth for a couple of hours each day, for about two weeks. By the time your treatment is complete, your smile will be significantly brighter!

If your teeth have lost some of their brilliant shine, then find out if teeth-whitening can brighten them. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Dimples Family Dentistry in Norwalk, IA, today at 515-256-1176.