Why You Need to Fill Your Cavity

Cavities are gross. If you develop a cavity on one of your teeth and you catch it in the mirror, it stands out immediately. The dark spot is a sign of decay and bacterial havok. So naturally you want to get rid of this blemish. However, treating cavities is about much more than appearances. Bacteria will only continue to accumulate over time. That means more harmful acid eating away at your enamel until your whole tooth is compromised. When you see your dentist, he or she will remove the plaque from your tooth. In its place, a hole has formed, and now you need a filling. Receiving a filling for your tooth restores and strengthens the vulnerable area. Without this vital step, your tooth could be at risk for further damage.

Modern Dental Fillings Undo the Structural and Aesthetic Damage of Cavities

Cavities are actually a pretty common occurrence among adults. It can be difficult to adequately clean your teeth, and almost everyone could stand to floss more. For that reason, it’s very possible that you may end up with a cavity at some point in your adult life. Luckily, modern dental fillings make it easier than ever to remedy the problem. Contemporary fillings are comprised of a tooth-colored resin that sets quickly and matches the appearance of your surrounding teeth.

Failing to Fill a Cavity Means More Damage Ahead

Maybe you get anxious about scheduling your dentist appointment because you know you have a cavity. The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you don’t treat a cavity promptly, the eventual restoration will require much more than a filling. Dental crowns involve more time and money than a simple filling, so don’t hesitate if you have a cavity. Fill the hole left by bacteria and get your teeth back to their best.

Schedule an Appointment with Dimples Dental for Your Cavity

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