Make Time for a Dental Checkup

It can be easy to think of your biannual dentist visits as “just a cleaning.” It becomes something you can move back or forget about altogether because it’s secondary to your bodily health. This is a huge misconception! Your oral health is just as vital as the rest of your body’s health. Untreated oral health issues can increase your risk for conditions like strokes and heart disease. That’s why you can’t forget to make time for a dental checkup.

Your visit isn’t just about cleaning your teeth, it’s also a chance for your dentist to take a closer look at your mouth. Are there any areas of concern? Do some of your teeth experience more wear than others? Are there parts of your mouth you aren’t reaching when you brush? These are the types of questions your dentist can address to ensure your oral health future is as bright and shiny as your teeth.

A Dental Checkup Allows Your Dentist to Check Progress and Suggest Preventive Treatment

Your dentist doesn’t want to see you twice a year just so they can check for cavities and administer fillings. Your dentist wants these checkups to prevent cavities from even happening. When your dentist takes a look at your mouth, he or she can offer suggestions for preventive treatment like onlays or fluoride wash. Taking simple steps now can prevent problems from developing in the future.

A Thorough Cleaning Offers a Clean Slate Going Forward

When your hygienist cleans your teeth, not only are they providing you with refreshment, but they can also see places where plaque has aggregated. Teeth crowding and awkward gaps between teeth can create spaces for bacteria to grow. If you have a hard time reaching certain areas, plaque may be forming, and you may be at risk for cavities. A professional cleaning gives you a clean slate, and clues you into areas that need your focus.

Schedule Your Biannual Appointment Today

If you aren’t on pace to see your dentist for two checkups and cleanings this year, it’s time to course correct. Schedule your biannual appointment with Dimples Dental and trust this talented team of experts to get your oral healthcare on track. To make an appointment contact the Dimples Dental office in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.