Could Your Hygiene Routine Be Better?

Taking good care of your smile is an ongoing effort. In fact, it’s a routine that must be practiced multiple times a day to be effective. However, brushing and flossing your teeth incorrectly can be as damaging to your oral health as not brushing at all. To help make sure that your smile is always at its healthiest, we offer these few tips to make your dental hygiene routine better.

The Keys to Better Dental Hygiene

  • Brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss at least once. Always brush and floss before bed to remove bacteria-laden plaque and reduce your chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing before you go to sleep can also help lessen the severity of your morning breath.
  • Brush your teeth for at least two minutes each session, taking care to brush every surface of every tooth. Gently brush along the gum line, as well, to remove any bacteria that may have collected between your teeth and gums.
  • For optimal protection against cavities, use toothpaste with fluoride and baking soda. Also, use a soft-bristled toothbrush with the ADA seal of approval. Rough bristles can strip away your tooth enamel, which is your teeth’s first defense against infection and disease.
  • Don’t neglect your tongue. Many of the bacteria in your mouth rest on your tongue, including those responsible for bad breath. Use your toothbrush, or preferably a tongue scraper, to clean your tongue while brushing your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist’s office at least once every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning. Regular exams can improve your chances of catching dental disease early and treating it without the need for invasive procedures.

Learn More About Improving Your Dental Hygiene

With excellent hygiene and regular preventive dental care, you have an excellent chance at keeping your smile healthy and free of dental disease for life.