On the Fence About Braces? Read This

Ah yes, the favorite treatment of cartoon dentists — if you’ve ever seen a depiction of middle school on television one (or even all) of the characters almost certainly wore braces. Braces are often depicted as a cumbersome weight, the ultimate expression of awkwardness. No one is excited to have their braces and the often-lengthy timetable accompanying them. However, they’re incredibly valuable to your long-term oral health! If only a few of your teeth are misaligned, or you feel like the crooked teeth you have aren’t that bad, then it may be easy to talk yourself out of braces. “I don’t need them,” you think. The truth is, braces are a relatively short-term investment for major long-term health benefits.

If You’re on the Fence About Braces, You Should Know What You Have to Gain (and Lose)

Misaligned teeth are a naturally occurring condition. Based on your habits, genetics, and the rate at which your body develops, your teeth may crowd one another or fall out of alignment. Almost no one makes it to adulthood with perfectly straight teeth on their own. Braces provide consistent, gentle pressure to push your teeth back into alignment.

Of course, this gives you a beautiful smile that you’ll love, but it also helps you keep your teeth clean. Misaligned and crowded teeth create surfaces that are difficult to reach, and bacteria thrive. Anywhere that bacteria can easily form plaque, you’re more likely to have problems with cavities and gum disease. Straightening your teeth can go a long way toward clearing up this issue.

Braces Aren’t the Same Laborious Exercise They Once Were

Old braces were often described as “headgear,” but today’s braces look nothing like that. Modern braces are discreet and require less maintenance than their predecessors. There are even options for clear, or “invisible” braces that give you the utmost level of discretion so that you still feel confident in your smile even as it is being corrected.

Explore Options for Braces with Your Dentist

When you decide that you’re ready to have your teeth aligned and give yourself a bright oral health future, talk to your dentist. They may provide the service themselves or refer you to a trusted orthodontist. For Norwalk, Iowa residents, Dimples Dental is the name to trust. Talk to the welcoming staff about the best plan of action for your teeth. Schedule a consultation or appointment by contacting the Dimples Dental office in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.