Dental Implants Get to the Root

When someone refers to “getting to the root” of something, they’re talking about the source. Roots provide stability and structure, which makes them vital. In the case of your teeth, their roots are the things that hold them in your mouth. When you lose a tooth, you can lose the root as well. Dental implants are a restorative solution that provides the same structure as roots.

Suffering tooth loss as an adult is no easy trial. Tooth loss can be mentally taxing and physically painful. It can also lead to a lifestyle change. Missing teeth may cause you to feel self-conscious and prevent you from being able to comfortably chew some foods. Dental implants return the function and appearance of teeth, with the added benefit of structure.

Dental Implants Are Surgically Placed Into the Jaw, Recreating the Functionality of Roots

Other tooth restoration options provide a surface-level, aesthetic fix. They often rely on neighboring teeth for stability and structure. Dental implants, however, are surgically placed into your mouth, providing stability for the jawbone and creating a stand-alone replacement. Once your jaw bone heals and fuses to the implant, you’ve essentially got a replacement with roots. Your dentist will then place a dental crown on top of the implant to recreate the appearance of your original tooth.

Added Stability Allows You to Treat Dental Implants Like Natural Teeth

Since your dental implant is fused to your jawbone, that means you’ll enjoy the same type of functionality that your original tooth would provide. You’ll experience the same bite power, so you can resume eating the foods that you may have had to put on hold. Plus, since your dental crown is measured to fit your surrounding teeth, it won’t be obvious to others that you’ve had any kind of dental work.

Ask Your Dentist About Options for Dental Implants

Don’t let tooth loss hold you back. Talk to your dentist about tooth replacement options, like dental implants, today. Dental implants will have you feeling as good as new. Dr. Roos and the Dimples Dental team provide comprehensive dental care.