Dental Crowns Are So Easy with CEREC

In this modern age, filled with on-demand technology that makes life so much easier, shouldn’t you expect the same thing from your dentistry experience? Contemporary dental techniques and technologies have actually simplified many procedures for both dentist and patient alike. One such area is dental crowns. Dental crowns are a common treatment option for severe tooth decay. When your cavity gets worse, your tooth loses structural integrity over time. Simply filling the tooth isn’t enough. A dental crown acts as a cap that protects the vulnerable tooth from further damage from hard foods or bacterial decay. Crowns are great because they blend in with the appearance of the rest of your teeth. Crowns are even better and easier now, thanks to CEREC technology.

CEREC Technology Allows You to Receive Your Dental Crown in One Visit

If you’ve never had a dental crown before, this may not mean so much to you. Maybe you have had a dental crown, you know how laborious the process can be. There’s the initial appointment to have your teeth measured and fitted. Then the dentist places a temporary crown. Then you come back a couple weeks later for another appointment where your dentist removes the temporary crown and sets the permanent crown. Then another follow-up visit to make sure everything went right. With CEREC technology, you’ll have a same-day crown in one visit.

CEREC Stands for Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, it Means Less Hassle

With CEREC technology, your dentist can take precise measurements of your teeth digitally. Those exact measurements are then sent to an on-site machine that can fabricate your crown out of dental porcelain. This eliminates the need for all those additional appointments. Instead, you’ll have your real dental crown by the time you leave the office. When you have a busy schedule, you value any chance you get to make things easier.

Dimples Dental Provides CEREC Technology for its Crowns

If you want an experience that includes the latest dental technology working to your advantage, turn to Dimples Dental. The experts at Dimples can provide you with a same-day dental crown to help you save time and hassle.