Complete Your Dental Crown in a Snap

The worst part of any major treatment is the timeline. So often, you have to agree to multiple visits, added cost and hassle, and a protracted experience. These factors can be discouraging when considering your options for oral healthcare. However, it’s so important that you receive the care you need. Without the right treatment for your vulnerable teeth, your problems will only get worse. Fortunately, for a procedure like a dental crown, there’s a great solution that cuts out all of the exhausting parts of the process. Same-day dental crowns are here to make your life easier and ensure that you don’t hesitate when it comes to giving yourself the treatment you need.

How Do Same-Day Dental Crowns Work?

Same-day dental crowns are created using chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics (CEREC). This technology provides high-quality, detailed imaging of your teeth that can be used to create precise specifications for a dental crown. Then, an onsite machine uses those measurements to fabricate the tooth restoration so that it will fit perfectly on top of your tooth, and alongside your other teeth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Drastically Reduce the Treatment Timeline

The precise technology utilized by CEREC ensures that you get a great fit, but the real advantage to the same-day dental crown process is the shortening of the treatment timeline. Traditionally, you would need an initial visit, a follow up for a temporary crown, then another visit to remove the temporary crown and set the permanent crown. That creates schedule stress and hassle that you don’t need when you’re already trying to overcome tooth decay. The same-day method cuts that whole process down to one visit.

Does Your Dentist Offer Same-Day Crown Options?

For an excellent care environment that includes modern dental technology, trust Dimples Dental. Dr. Roos and his staff are committed to providing the best level of care possible for you, no matter what type of treatment you require. When you’re battling back against conditions like tooth decay, you need your dentist to serve as an ally. For options like same-day dental crowns, contact Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.