A Bridge Supports You After Tooth Loss

When you deal with adversity, it’s important to have support. Sometimes that support takes the form of a friend or family member being there to talk. Sometimes, it’s a matter of physical support. When you suffer tooth loss as an adult, it can present a trying situation. You may feel self-conscious about the missing tooth — you may feel like your life has changed forever. During this trying time, you need support from those around you, and you need support for the rest of your teeth. Missing teeth can create pressure pockets in your mouth that increase the wear on your remaining teeth. Luckily, a dental bridge can provide you with the support you need after tooth loss.

What Is a Dental Bridge and How Does it Provide Support?

A dental bridge consists of replacement teeth (known as “pontics”) that are bookended by dental crowns. The dental crowns provide structure for the rest of the bridge. In between, the pontics fill the spaces where your teeth are missing. Each of the bridge’s components are custom-crafted based on precise measurements of your mouth, so you’re assured a proper fit. A dental bridge can be used to replace a single tooth, or a series of missing teeth. By effectively replacing missing teeth, your surrounding teeth receive the support they once had.

A Dental Bridge Provides Functional and Esthetic Enhancement

After you suffer tooth loss, you just want your teeth back. You want the ability to comfortably eat the foods you enjoy, and the confidence that comes along with a beautiful smile. Luckily, a dental bridge provides you with both of those things. Your bridge is a functional and esthetic enhancement that recreates the appearance and ability of your original teeth. This way, you can get back to living the life you loved before suffering tooth loss.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

If you’re missing one or more teeth and you’re ready to get back to 100%, a dental bridge can give you the support you need. Talk to your dentist to decide which tooth replacement option is right for you. Dimples Dental provides patients with fast, efficient service when it comes to tooth replacement. Make an appointment at Dimples Dental by contacting the Norwalk, IA office at 515-256-1176.