Always Fill Cavities Right Away

When you develop a cavity in your tooth — as almost everyone does at some point — it’s important that you treat the condition right away. The “cavity” doesn’t refer to the bacteria buildup in your tooth, but rather, what’s left behind after the bacteria are removed. Plaque wears away at your enamel, creating the cavity in your tooth. This hole presents a structural problem for your tooth, as well as a future entry point for more bacteria. It’s important that you fill cavities right away to prevent further decay and damage to your tooth. Luckily, modern dental filling options make it easy to recover from a cavity.

Filling Cavities Right Away Stops Decay and Protects Against Damage

Before you can receive a dental filling, you have to remove bacteria from your cavity. Until you get rid of the plaque buildup, acid will continue wearing down your tooth enamel and worsening your condition. If your tooth decay gets bad enough, you may need more substantial treatment than a filling to fully recover. Once your dentist removes the bacteria, he or she can provide you with a filling. This filling will prevent bacteria from reentering your cavity, and prevent your tooth from an easy break or crack, due to structural integrity loss.

Modern Dental Fillings Blend in with the Appearance of Your Teeth

There’s no need to get down on yourself if you do end up needing a filling. Modern dental fillings involve minimal pain and hassle. Plus, with the use of dental resin, no one will even know you had a filling placed. Dental resin is a clear or tooth-colored liquid that sets quickly and provides a durable fix for your damaged tooth. There’s no reason to wait if you need a filling. Your situation won’t improve until you take action!

When You Need a Filling, Dimples Dental Has You Covered

Dimples Dental is proud to provide patients with the latest care technology to create the best experience possible. When you suffer tooth decay, the last thing you should feel is hesitant about your dental visit. The pros at Dimples will work with you to make sure your teeth stay at their best and brightest. To make an appointment with Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA, contact the office at 515-256-1176.