The Solea Laser Is Modern Dentistry

When you use old tools, you get old results. If you have modern technology available to you, you should take advantage of that! That’s the philosophy behind laser dentistry. This technology-focused branch of dentistry makes use of the latest tools to give you a superior experience. The Solea Laser is an advanced, carbon dioxide laser that can work on both hard and soft oral tissues. Lasers may seem like a pretty abstract concept if you’re unfamiliar with their uses. It’s far from Science Fiction. Laser dentistry is a reality, and it offers precision while reducing pain and hassle. What’s not to love about that? If you’re ready for a modern dentistry experience, it’s time to learn about the Solea Laser.

When it Comes to Dentistry, Solea Laser Technology Can Do it All

The Solea laser can work on both hard and soft oral tissue, which means it’s a versatile tool for all sorts of procedures. Whether you need a root canal, help with a cavity, or gum contouring, laser technology is on your side. The added precision of a laser allows your dentist to do his or her job more effectively. You’ll wind up with better results, and little to no pain. The laser causes little-to-no bleeding, reduces the risk of infection, and allows for a quicker recovery time.

What Laser Technology Says About Your Dentist

Another aspect of laser dentistry to consider is what it says about your dentist. Does your dentist use the latest tools and technology available? You want to work with the very best, and the best craftspeople use quality tools! If you’ve been holding off on a procedure because you’re worried about the pain or the recovery time, then it’s time to look for a dentist that utilizes laser dentistry technology. Your comfort shouldn’t ever take a backseat.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solea Laser Technology at Dimples Dental

Dimples dental is home to the latest tools and technology. Dr. Roos and his friendly staff provide a welcoming care environment, and their treatments reflect that approach as well. If you’re ready for a lower-pain, lower-hassle process, then contact Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.