Preventive Dentistry Is a Mindset

When you have a specific oral healthcare need, your dentist can point you to the right dental procedure. If you lose a tooth, your dentist may recommend dental implants or a bridge. If you suffer a cavity, your dentist may provide a modern dental filling, or fit you with a crown. However, not all oral healthcare needs are restorative or involve a specific procedure. Preventive dentistry isn’t just a list of procedures that you turn to when you have a need. Preventive dentistry is a mindset. The goal for this entire branch of dentistry is to keep your teeth safe and healthy, so that you don’t need restorative work in the future.

A Preventive Mindset Means Taking a Clinical Approach to Home Care

The other unique aspect of preventive dentistry is that it isn’t something that solely involves trips to the dentist’s office. You can take a clinical approach to your home care routine to actively participate in preventive dentistry. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly are easy steps that go a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy. When you prioritize home care, you’re less likely to need procedures like fillings and crowns.

Of Course, Preventive Dentistry Requires the Help of Your Dentist Too

It’s not all on you. Your dentist is there to help with preventive care as well. When you schedule your biannual cleanings and checkups, you aren’t just fulfilling an obligation, you’re taking positive, preventive steps. A cleaning allows your hygienist to remove tough plaque from tricky, hard-to-reach areas. Reducing this build up means reducing your chances of facing cavities. During this time, your dentist can also take x-rays to spot areas where your teeth may be wearing down, creating pressure pockets, or shifting out of alignment. Remember, you and your dentist are a team.

Make Preventive Dental Care Appointments with Dimples Dental

If you’ve fallen behind on making your biannual appointments, time to get back on it! Dimples Dental provides a full range of preventive care services for the entire family. The welcoming atmosphere at Dimples, along with the top-to-bottom expertise showcased by the staff, will ensure you get the best preventive care possible. To make a preventive checkup and cleaning appointment, contact Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.