Anyone Can Benefit from Braces

When you think “braces,” you probably think “middle school.” It’s easy to make the association between adolescence and teeth realignment — that’s the most common depiction of braces. However, in reality, anyone can benefit from braces. Braces are dental tools used to gently apply consistent pressure to teeth. Over time, this pressure results in the realignment of crooked teeth. Because they’ve lost all of their baby teeth and their newly forming adult teeth can be more easily manipulated, young adults present ideal candidates for braces. Adults and older teenagers can benefit from braces too. No matter where you are in life, straight teeth always look good.

How Do Non-Traditional Candidates Benefit from Braces?

Braces typically pull growing, adult teeth into alignment. However, braces can also be used to correct severe malocclusion issues in children. No matter what age you are, all braces function in essentially the same way: they gently push or pull your teeth into the correct alignment over time. That’s why the treatment process typically takes so long (12 to 24 months). As an adult, you may have crooked or rotated teeth. Braces can address these issues and give you the straight, even smile you’ve always wanted.

Braces Work Well with Other Treatment Options

Sometimes, straight teeth aren’t your only, or even your biggest oral health concern. If you have suffered from tooth decay or tooth loss, you may need a dental crown or implant. These restorative treatments can work with braces to achieve two goals at once. You can restore your smile while straightening it at the same time. No matter the state of your teeth, there’s an option out there to help you feel great about your smile.

Discuss Oral Healthcare Options with Your Dentist

If your teeth need help — through restoration or cosmetic treatment — you should talk to your dentist. Dr. Ethan Roos and the Dimples Dental team are equipped to handle any and all dental issues. If you’d like a straighter smile, you can talk braces with the Dimples staff. By choosing the right treatment option for your budget and lifestyle, Dr. Roos can help you feel good about the state of your teeth. To make an appointment, contact Dimples Dental in Norwalk, IA at 515-256-1176.